nedeľa 14. apríla 2013

The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers - Dieťa zmierenia recenzia

It's easy to say the truth when everybody agrees with you. It's easy to say what is right or wrong when you are not involved. It's easy to pretend to be a christian when everything just goes the way you wrote it to the diary.

Dynah Carey exactly knows what it means. A good and hardworking student, the daughter of loving parents, a beautiful young woman engaged to the wise and popular man, a faithful child of God. Like a princess blessed and continually protected by her father - almighty king.

It is only a thing of a few minutes and everything which seemd to be constant and right is getting under the pressure of pain, fear, anger, shame which examine its realness. Pink glasses are broken and every peace of glass is causing new injuries.

Dynah is raped by an unknown man in the town park on her way home and she awaits a baby. She unexpectedly losts much but also recieves unthought. At the moment nothing is really black or white. Will she able to be a part of gray?

The Atonement child brings new perspective to the most controversial topic of our times. Are people saying that women have to have the right to decide brave enough to accept also her right to be informed? And is interruption the same murder even it's problem of your daughter or girlfriend?

Francine Rivers gently but truthfully writes about the problem in thinking of people on both sides. About lies which we are willing to accept in spite of quiet and deep pain inside us.

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